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The BizInsight Excel Suite is a self-service analytics and reporting solution that delivers a user-friendly environment in the universal platform of Microsoft Excel. It works with any Excel data and provides an intuitive option that allows business users to answer many of their own questions.

For analysts, BizInsight means that current manual reports can be automated in a matter of minutes, saving precious time for more critical activities.  And for organizations using a supported Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, BizConnectors present a drag-and-drop interface with direct access to system data. Finally, BizBroadcast distributes reports in a variety of formats to email, cloud, network and web addresses – dramatically streamlining what is often a manual, repetitive task.

With our cutting-edge suite, you can spend less time reporting and more time analyzing the data therein.

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Chapter 2. Delivering Dynamic Sales and Customer Analysis
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Chapter 3. GL Power Reporting
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Chapter 4. Automate Business Insights in Excel
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Chapter 5. From Static to Interactive
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Chapter 6. Create Once, Send Many with BizBroadcast
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