Are you getting the most out of Excel?

Are you getting the most out of Excel?

Work Smarter with The BizNet Software Suite

Let’s consider the facts: more than 1 billion people use Microsoft Excel for reporting, analytics, and data visualization, but most users aren’t as efficient as they could be.

BizNet Software aims to make Excel reporting fun. Our product suite helps produce fast, efficient, and accurate results for every user, but to take it a step further we help you distribute these reports with specific logic and data protection. Connect to your data, build your reports once, let them auto-refresh and even distribute on-time. Need to go deeper than charts and graphs? “Drill-down” into the numbers with a single-click. Find actionable information rather than relying on gut and intuition.

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Reporting in Excel with your data has never been easier.

Build your reports in minutes, not days, in the most popular reporting and analytics program in the world, Microsoft Excel. With BizInsight ask questions of your data and get immediate answers to make more-informed business decisions. BizInsight lets you dive deeper into your data within Excel!

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Connect your ERP system and more to Microsoft Excel.

Our BizConnectors allow for some of the most popular ERP systems in the world to instantly connect to Excel. This allows data to flow freely to your worksheets which makes report building significantly faster and more accurate. Get real-time access to all your data, no matter where it lives, so you can set your team up for success. Never export the wrong information again. Never let data become dated. Start having fun building and analyzing reports.

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Share hundreds of reports with a single click.

Setup simple functions and logic in a user-friendly interface to send hundreds of reports, in a variety of formats, with a variety of permissions. Send single sheets, full workbooks, protect with passwords, include additional files outside of your workbook, and more. Need a report to alert you of trends? Schedule with IF/THEN conditions to receive automatically!

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"The ability to view all my data completely within Excel is a tremendous time saver. I can compare different data and transactions from different stores without having to connect to five different databases to find just one answer."

Brian Beach
Vice President

"Access to timely and accurate information is critical to running a successful operation. BizNet’s Excel solutions have made a tremendous difference in the way we do business. We’ve saved time, money and resources, and our data is far more useful because of the efficient report turnaround."

Joan Caldwell
Corporate Controller

"Our fixed assets program reporting was extremely limited. BizInsight eliminates the need for me to build my own query in FE and then build my report. Being able to automate that in BizInsight saves me a ton of time."

Jim Wilsie
Chief Financial Officer, The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma

"We cut our time creating reports by 80%. An absolutely awesome experience."

Carol C.
Accounting Manager, BizNet User

"This is the one system we need the most. It has saved us valuable time and effort time and time again."

Richard J.
CFO, BizNet User

"Reporting on split gifts accurately with Crystal Reports was nearly impossible. With BizInsight not only can we report on split gifts much easier, we can view them in a way that makes sense."

Amy Baker
Membership Operations Manager, Trustees