Helping you help the world



Giving You Time Back To Focus On Your Mission

BizInsight 7 is the nonprofit software solution that collects all your important data and builds your reports in minutes, not days, right in Microsoft Excel, so that you can get back to making a difference in the world.

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To Get What You Need

We understand the nonprofit sector can be overwhelming at times, from managing donations, step allocations, fundraising and forecasting cash flow. We bet your hands are reaching in a hundred different directions at the same time just to build a single report. With our nonprofit software solution, BizInsight 7, you can effortlessly build board-room ready reports while remaining focused on your mission.

See your data the way you want it—by budget, department, person or other dimensions at the click of a button.


Based On What The Data Tells You

Automated population of data, instant alerts, single spreadsheets with live data–all these small but impactful details combine in BizInsight 7, designed just for nonprofits. Keeping your stakeholders up-to-date with real-time data just got easier with BizInsight 7, from annual to donor and grant reports, we’ve got you covered.

With BizInsight 7, you can proceed with critical business decisions knowing the data in the reports is the freshest available.


And Access It At Any Time

BizInsight 7’s PackNGo feature sends live data with all the numbers behind it, so whether you’re connected to your data or not, you can still instantly get the answers you need without asking others.


BizInsight 7 was built as a stand-alone product, but BizNet Software does offer a number of pre-built connectors specifically for nonprofits. Take a look to see if we support your ERP.