Focus On Your Mission, Not Report Building

BizInsight is the nonprofit software solution that helps bring together your data to a single familiar location, Microsoft Excel. At a single source you can built your reports and refresh the data daily, weekly, monthly and more so you aren’t duplicating your efforts. With faster, more accurate, and dynamic reports you can now make decisions to help grow your mission instead of spending time building reports repeatedly.

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To Build Support

We understand the nonprofit sector can be overwhelming at times, from managing donations, step allocations, fundraising and forecasting cash flow. Rather than spending your energy and efforts to build reports and share with colleagues, we’re aiming to simplify the process while giving you more actionable data. BizNet Software helps you build not only board-room ready reports, but gives you the ability to drill down into the information to find what locations are seeing the highest support, what messaging is resonating in what region, and where you stand on your goals. We want to give you the power to focus on the mission, not making reports.

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Based On Trusted Data

Ideal for the nonprofit sector, we can help you make decisions faster. Automate your data flows, receive instant email alerts based on donors or goals, and much more. Your reports have a sizable impact on donations, building teams, and evaluating where to concentrate efforts, but with BizNet Software we’re making this much smoother. Keep stakeholders up-to-date with real-time data, automated reports and quick dashboards they can actually review with ease. With BizInsight you can proceed with critical decisions knowing the data in the reports is the most current available.


And Access It At Any Time

The BizInsight PackNGo feature gives you complete flexibility. Travel from region to region, studying and analyzing your data wherever you are regardless if you are connected to your system. Package high impact reports to ensure you have the big picture and the smallest details all your fingertips.


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