Searching for a replacement for Microsoft FRx? BizNet’s got you covered.

BizInsight 7 is an FRx Upgrade


Ahh, 2009- the year of animal-shaped and glittery rubber bands, hair poofs and wild parties along the shores of New Jersey, and this technical button-operated box that took pictures digitally, with (shriek!) no touch screen.

It was also during this year that Microsoft said au revoir to FRx. While it may not seem that long ago, it’s been nearly nine years now, and small-to-midsize businesses are still using it for financial reporting.

“We implemented BizNet to replace FRX for our financial report writing. The flexibility and ease of use have been unbelievable. Strongest feature is that it is an Excel based add-on that gives you all the power of Excel along with the data retrieval capabilities.”–Kevin Mulhearn, Chief Financial Officer, Hillcrest Health System

Since its retirement, BizNet Software has been the leader in FRx replacement software by offering BizInsight 7, our intuitive financial reporting software. We take data you have in your pre-existing reports, and that which you want to be included in new ones–from balance sheets and income statements to budgets and cash flow statements— and build your reports in much less time with much more accuracy.

Best of all, we eliminate the middle man between building reports and analyzing them by creating live reports instead of static workbooks, so that whoever uses Excel can access them and navigate them with ease.

Ideal for Business Users

With the built-in, user-friendly interface, users can connect to any Excel data source, automate routine Excel tasks, build interactive reports and view the data behind the numbers. A few benefits include:

  • Building reports in minutes
  • Unearthing insights to make informed business decisions
  • Discovering trends and opportunities within your business data
  • Starting and stay in Excel. Create, aggregate, analyze and share reports all in Microsoft Excel

We purchased the Epicor XL Connect version of BizInsight as a replacement for FRx. As an Excel add-on, the product has a more familiar feel to users than our previous reporting software. The ability to use native Excel functions makes the possibilities endless.” –Administrator in Finance and Accounting, Hospital & Health Care client

BizInsight 7 is the financial reporting solution that replaces FRx, and we even offer a number of pre-built connectors that connect directly to your data. Need more information about how we help individuals in the financial industry? Take a look or drop us a line.