Excel Magic Tricks

Abracadabra, alakazam!

You may not be able to make a rabbit appear from inside your hat, but at the end of this article, you’ll have your coworkers thinking you’re a magician!

  • Open Excel Files in Bulk—Instead of opening files one at a time and having to manage each separately, select the files you want to open then press Enter and they’ll all open simultaneously!
  • Add a Diagonal Line to a Cell—Go to the regular place you’d go to add borders (Home > Font > Borders>, then click More Borders.
  • Fast Navigation with Ctrl + Arrow Buttons—Quickly jump to the bottom line of data in your workbook but clicking Ctrl + any arrow button.
  • Transpose Data from a Row to a Column—Copy the area you want to move, then move the pointer to a blank location. Click Home > Paste > Transpose.
  • Transform the Case of Text—If all your data is presented in capital letters, you don’t need to go through every cell and retype the data with proper casing. Use the simple formulas UPPER, LOWER and PROPER to make the changes for you.
  • Rename a Sheet Using Double Click— This one’s pretty straight forward. Double-click the tab and rename it directly, rather than right-clicking to rename.

What other Excel magic tricks can you share? Find additional helpful tips in our blog.