Data Analyst & Report Builders


Connect to a Growing List of ERPs

As a report builder, you may be spending much of your time gathering data from multiple places to create reports for others. With BizInsight 7, our reporting tools collect your data from your financial, logistical and demographical databases (and much more) and present it in one easy-to-read format in Microsoft Excel.

Now, you can build reports the way you want and include the data you need by connecting to one of our growing lists of ERPs. BizConnector connects in real time to your data—system data, cloud data, on premises, CSV and even data outside your ERP—and is designed with an easy drag-and-drop interface in Excel so it’s ready to be sent off the appropriate individuals, leaving you time to get back to more pressing matters.


And More Time Analyzing

BizInsight 7 and BizConnector get the job done faster and with more accuracy. Instead of spending tireless days building reports to be sent to company stakeholders, our tools will help facilitate detailed reports with real-time connections to your ERPs, so that you can spend more time analyzing the risks and opportunities within the reports.


To the Important Details

Manual pivot tables and static reports are a thing of the past. With BizInsight 7 and BizConnector, you can filter, format and organize your data in the exact way you need it. Unearth the precise data needed with our intuitive BizInsight Query Tool and drill down into the statistics.


With Confidence

Make the reports work around your schedule. Schedule them to refresh the numbers when you need them to so you can present knowing you have the most up-to-date statistics.