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Be More Productive with Our Pre-Built Connectors

Our data reporting tools offer convenient drag-and-drop features so you can complete your reports and get back to work in a matter of minutes, not hours. With our pre-built connectors you can connect to your data in the program you already use regularly, Microsoft Excel. We are consistently adding to our collection of connectors in various industries including: Manufacturing, Distribution, Non-profit organizations, Accounting, Finance, and much more. Are you ready to experience a BizConnector? Schedule a call or demo to see how we can make BizNet Software work for you! We also have a variety of demos on our YouTube channel, so take a moment to see it in action on your own time!

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Biz Connector

Connect your ERP system and more to Microsoft Excel.

Our BizConnectors allow for some of the most popular ERP systems in the world to instantly connect to Excel. This allows data to flow freely to your worksheets which makes report building significantly faster and more accurate. Get real-time access to all your data, no matter where it lives, so you can set your team up for success. Never export the wrong information again. Never let data become dated. Start having fun building and analyzing reports.