Access to Real-time Data

Business Users and Decision Makers


Define Better Reports And Analytics To Make Informed Decisions

No matter the industry you’re in one thing is the same you need accurate numbers and understandable reports to make informed decisions. BizNet Software provides cutting-edge Excel reporting tools to help you aggregate your data into a single place, dynamically update this data, and provide transparency to make these high impact decisions. Rather than invest in a dashboarding software, BizNet Software empowers you by utilizing Microsoft Excel, the program you already understand and use daily. We can deploy faster, train easier, and illuminate possibilities quicker.

Build the dynamic reports you’ve dreamed of. At a glance see the performance of a single rep or single team, evaluate sales by region or sales by state, dig deeper into your metrics and see where you can make improvements, define lead scoring and determine the value of opportunities, all within a single Excel workbook.


And Follow Business Trends

Inside your live report lives all the data you need to determine underlying factors of your business. Compare specific areas against one another to see what’s working and, more importantly, what’s not, in order to make more informed business decisions. Build reports around your specific KPI, but rather than looking at these in face value dive deeper into the numbers with BizNet Software’s drill down capabilities. See the numbers behind the numbers to determine abnormalities, isolate issues, or uncover major opportunities.


Not Report Building

After you’ve built a dynamic workbook you can simply refresh the data as needed. Never build the same report twice! Instead of curating data to build a common report look deeper into the numbers, add new metrics or create conditional triggers to send email alerts. Our Excel add-in helps empower you to make better and faster decisions utilizing accurate information. Never wait on an analyst to provide a report days later, which in turn can make the information outdated. We want you to focus your efforts analyzing data, not building the same static reports.


And Anywhere With PackNGo

BizNet Software features the unique ability to package your data to take it on the go! Trust the data in front of you and drill down for analysis even when you don’t have an internet connection. Have the flexibility to work anywhere at anytime, knowing you have the latest information and your decisions are based on real numbers.

"The ability to view all my data completely within Excel is a tremendous time saver. I can compare different data and transactions from different stores without having to connect to five different databases to find just one answer."

Brian Beach
Vice President

"Access to timely and accurate information is critical to running a successful operation. BizNet’s Excel solutions have made a tremendous difference in the way we do business. We’ve saved time, money and resources, and our data is far more useful because of the efficient report turnaround."

Joan Caldwell
Corporate Controller

"Our fixed assets program reporting was extremely limited. BizInsight eliminates the need for me to build my own query in FE and then build my report. Being able to automate that in BizInsight saves me a ton of time."

Jim Wilsie
Chief Financial Officer, The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma

"We cut our time creating reports by 80%. An absolutely awesome experience."

Carol C.
Accounting Manager, BizNet User

"This is the one system we need the most. It has saved us valuable time and effort time and time again."

Richard J.
CFO, BizNet User

"Reporting on split gifts accurately with Crystal Reports was nearly impossible. With BizInsight not only can we report on split gifts much easier, we can view them in a way that makes sense."

Amy Baker
Membership Operations Manager, Trustees