Access to Real-time Data

Business Users and Decision Makers


Get What You Need to Make Informed Decisions

No matter the industry you’re in, one thing is the same: you need the numbers that show profitability and where the money is going. That is the universal language of business.

BizInsight 7, our cutting-edge Excel reporting tool, converges your data from your financial, logistical and demographical databases (and much more) all in one easy-to-read format in Excel. If you need the specific performance of one person from one region, or from one department in one date range, you have it all right in front of you in a live spreadsheet.


And Industry Trends

Inside your live report lives all the data you need to determine underlying factors of your business. Compare specific areas against one another to see what’s working and, more importantly, what’s not, in order to make more informed business decisions.


To What Matters More

Scheduling capabilities will send you the exact reports you need at the precious time you need them, so you don’t have to wait in line for three-day-old reports


At Your Fingertips

BizInsight 7 gives you the power to see the data you need in seconds. And, we can alert you of significant changes– instantly.