How BizInsight 7 Helps Nonprofit Organizations

Let’s help each other.

As a nonprofit organization, your number one goal is to help make a difference in the world. But it may be difficult to do that when you have so many things you’re managing, like donations, fundraising, endowments and step allocations—the list goes on.

BizInsight 7 is our nonprofit reporting solution that makes it easy to manage all of these critical factors and allows you to see the information in an easy-to-read format right in Microsoft Excel. Those who use BizInsight 7 benefit from having a flexible, user-defined reporting platform that allows them to see the numbers the way they want, whether it’s by project, budget or other various accounting data. Track individual funding sources, organizations and clients with ease to save time and boost efficiency across all levels of your nonprofit.

While BizInsight 7 was built as a stand-alone product, it does connect to major enterprise resource planners (ERP), including Blackbaud FE, Blackbaud RE and EPICOR. And, it helps all types of nonprofits, from foundations and museums to health care organizations and public charities.

Cut down your reporting time, increase accuracies and get data fast so that your nonprofit can continue to make a difference! Talk to an expert today about integrating BizInsight 7 in with your nonprofit.