BizInsight 7


Discover the Reporting Engine That Powers The BizNet Software Suite

BizInsight is our Excel-based reporting platform that helps you build your reports in minutes rather than days. Our Excel data reporting software takes your traditional report and give you the power to make it dynamic. This allows you to dive deeper into the numbers and find the answers you need rather than rely on additional reports and additional time. Made easy with the user friendly and intuitive BizInsight Query Tool, drill down repeatedly and add fields to uncover actionable information within a quick drag-and-drop interface.

The perfect reporting and analytics solution for the data analyst, sales manager, C-level employee, and the everyday Excel user. BizInsight is the time saving game changer ready to revolutionize how you manage reporting. Uncover business insights like never before!


Find Answers with Dynamic Reporting

Drill down in any cell to uncover the data behind the numbers. Start asking analytical questions and dissecting information instead of working in a static worksheet. The BizInsight Query Tool helps you uncover business data without the need for hours of dedicated business analysts. Use these business insights to find easy wins and quick success in your company as well as avoiding pitfalls early on.

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Trust the Data You Present

Know your numbers are right! Build dashboards with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), business trends, sales team performance metrics, financial snapshots and more with data that refreshes next to real-time. Need to dig deeper? Make informer decisions by analyzing the data instantly with drill-down capabilities.


Save Hours Building Reports

Connect your data with BizInsight where your pre-build report will not only look more impressive and allow for more accurate information, but save you hours of time building your regular reports. Easily analyze data with the BizInsight Query Tool without having previous SQL experience. Take your data and use the same excel functions and formulas you love, but now with an enhanced experience of digging deeper into the reporting results. With a single-click add important columns of data. Need a simple user-interface? Drag and drop all the fields you need for easy and quick analysis.

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The Easiest Way to Share Data

The newest feature of BizInsight is PackNGo! Designed to allow analysts and report builders to embed all their data into a single amazingly small file size for distribution. This lets the end-user receive a much more powerful file than the traditional XL file. With PACKNGO the file includes all the data rather than requiring individuals be connected to their database. Increase flexibility, enjoy offline data analysis, and drill down into the data on the go!

"The ability to view all my data completely within Excel is a tremendous time saver. I can compare different data and transactions from different stores without having to connect to five different databases to find just one answer."

Brian Beach
Vice President

"Access to timely and accurate information is critical to running a successful operation. BizNet’s Excel solutions have made a tremendous difference in the way we do business. We’ve saved time, money and resources, and our data is far more useful because of the efficient report turnaround."

Joan Caldwell
Corporate Controller

"Our fixed assets program reporting was extremely limited. BizInsight eliminates the need for me to build my own query in FE and then build my report. Being able to automate that in BizInsight saves me a ton of time."

Jim Wilsie
Chief Financial Officer, The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma

"We cut our time creating reports by 80%. An absolutely awesome experience."

Carol C.
Accounting Manager, BizNet User

"This is the one system we need the most. It has saved us valuable time and effort time and time again."

Richard J.
CFO, BizNet User

"Reporting on split gifts accurately with Crystal Reports was nearly impossible. With BizInsight not only can we report on split gifts much easier, we can view them in a way that makes sense."

Amy Baker
Membership Operations Manager, Trustees