BizInsight 7


Discover the Engine That Powers The BizNet Software Suite

BizInsight 7 is our Excel-based reporting platform that helps take building reports from days to minutes. Our Excel data reporting software gets you the answers you need from your data with our intuitive BizInsight 7 Query Tool, drill down capabilities and a drag-and-drop interface.

The perfect solution for both the data analyst and the everyday Excel user, BizInsight 7 is a game changer in the way you manage reporting.


Get Answers

Drill down in any cell to uncover the data behind the numbers. Ask questions of your data with the BizInsight 7 Query Tool and get your own answers, no analyst required. Use these insights to keep doing what works for your business, and stop doing what doesn’t.


From Your Data

Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and trends to make informed decisions based on what your data is telling you.


In a Matter of Minutes

Download and immediately install, then import your data from any platform that allows a data export. Easily analyze data with the BizInsight 7 Query Tool. Create functions and formulas with a simple drag and drop.

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The Easiest Way to Share

The newest feature of BizInsight 7 is PackNGo, designed to allow analysts to build reports, embed data and send exactly what they want to the business user in a file that is drastically smaller than traditional XL files. So, how does this benefit the end user? The person at the receiving end of the report doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to the database the analyst is pulling data from, but is still given the flexibility to access the parts of it they need and drill down to locate specific details.

"Our fixed assets program reporting was extremely limited. BizInsight eliminates the need for me to build my own query in FE and then build my report. Being able to automate that in BizInsight saves me a ton of time."

Jim Wilsie
Chief Financial Officer, The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma

"We cut our time creating reports by 80%. Absolutely awesome."

Carol C.
Accounting Manager, BizNet User

"This is the one system we need the most. It has saved us valuable time and effort time and time again."

Richard J.
CFO, BizNet User

"Reporting on split gifts accurately with Crystal Reports was nearly impossible. With BizInsight not only can we report on split gifts much easier, we can view them in a way that makes sense."

Amy Baker
Membership Operations Manager, Trustees