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Self-Service Reporting, Analytics And a Whole Lot More

Since 1996, BizNet Software has focused on leveraging the power of Microsoft Excel to offer self-service analytics and reporting services for both analysts and business users. We design our products to be understood by everyone. In other words, you don’t need to be an Excel genius to master them.

Located deep in the heart of Dallas, TX, our dedicated team starts and ends each day with the same mission: to make Excel reporting fun! We believe that if we can eliminate the complexity behind report building, we can help users to spend more time analyzing data to gain more actionable insight into the intricacies of their business.

So, what are you going to do with all the time we saved you?


Meet Our Team

Lori Schwenn
Chief Financial Officer

Lori Schwenn joined BizNet Software, Inc. in 2009. She started as the Accountant and was promoted to CFO in 2012. She has over 25 years of experience, and is also a CPA in the state of Texas. She graduated with a master’s in science in accounting with an emphasis on audit from UNT.

Eric Eager
Vice President

Eric Eager joined BizNet Software, Inc. in 2001 and has extensive knowledge of consulting, managing and implementing sales plans and enterprise financial systems. He graduated with a master’s in science in accounting with an emphasis on taxation from UNT, and is a CPA in the state of Texas.

George McMann
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

George McMann founded BizNet Software, Inc. in 1996 and has over 30 years of experience in software development, implementation and consulting. He has been featured in publications including Business Finance magazine, American Executive Magazine and DM Review. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in finance from UT Arlington.

Brian Nicholson
Director of Customer Experience and Operations

Brian Nicholas joined BizNet Software in 2013 and is responsible for nine employees in the company’s operational teams including customer care, infrastructure, release management, training, consulting and business solutions. He holds a B.A. in Communications (Cum Laude) from Southern Methodist University.

Carter Severns
Marketing Manager

Carter Severns, who has been with BizNet Software since 2016, is the company’s Marketing Manager overseeing a team of three. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Advertising from Texas State University. Outside of BizNet, Carter enjoys spending his time pursuing his photography and cooking passions.

Bethany Detrich
Global Sales Manager

Bethany Detrich joined BizNet Software as the Global Sales Manager in 2016, where she has managed a sales team of eight. Outside of BizNet, Bethany is a mentor for the Professional Leadership Program at UNT, and an author of “Sales Management is for the Birds Unless You Know How to Build a Nest.” She holds a B.B.A in Marketing from Texas Tech University.

Michelle Murphy
Training and Consulting Team Manager

Michelle Murphy joined BizNet Software in 2015. After successfully deploying BizNet’s subscription training program in 2016, she was promoted to Training and Consulting Manager. Now, she manages more than 30 on-demand training videos, one-on-one consulting and weekly Q& A sessions with more than 700 active users. She studied Business Administration at UNT.

Patrick Kern
Director of Support

Patrick Kern, BizNet Software’s Director of Support, has been with the company since 2007. He manages a team of five and holds the title of the Tallest Director in BizNet history. In Patrick’s spare time, he enjoys playing the drums, scuba diving and is a proud dog whisperer. He graduated from UTD with a degree in management information systems.

Terry Zitzelberger
Director of Business Solutions

Terry Zitzelberger joined BizNet Software in 2013 as a senior consultant. In the same year, he was promoted to Manager of Services. With more than 20 years of information systems experience, he was promoted to Director of Business Solutions in 2017 and manages a team of five. He graduated from UNT with a bachelors of business administration.

Jordan Blaydes
Director of Development

Jordan Blaydes joined BizNet Software in 2002 and currently manages a team of eight as the Director of Software Development. Prior to becoming Director, Jordan served as a Technical Consultant and Software Developer studying under BizNet’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, George McMann. Jordan studied Web Development at Richland College.


Powered by Success

Each member of our staff, from the executives to the front-line employees, conducts themselves with a simple set of guidelines. We call these the BizNet 7.

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  • Customer Focused

  • Eager to help others
    Takes ownership of resolving customer issues
    Follows through on commitments-builds trust

  • Innovative

  • Creates and embraces out-of-the-box solutions
    Brings suggestions for improvements to leadership
    Constantly delivers new ideas

  • Encouraging

  • Empathetic listener
    Inspires belief and confidence in others
    Helps others stretch to new levels of performance

  • Teachable

  • Seeks wise counsel
    Constantly learning
    Not afraid of failure

  • Integrity

  • Treats others with respect
    Stays true to our mission when making the smallest decision
    Keeps the big picture in mind

  • Tenacious

  • Gets it done
    No-quit attitude
    Believes in themselves

  • Positive Leader

  • Helps others grow
    Establishes clear directions
    Transfers knowledge



14755 Preston Road #800

"BizNet Software employees are the best and take care of each other. You can see this through the quality of applications that we produce and support."

Kris K
Support Technician II

"BizNet is an awesome place to work! You can’t ask for a better group of coworkers and managers. They’re my second family. Cheesy but true!"

Tammy M
Support Technician II

"I have worked for BizNet almost 5 years and I personally LOVE this company. BizNet truly does care about its employees and works hard to do the little things to show employees they are important and appreciated. The culture and management team are wonderful and there is always room to learn and grow both personally and professionally."

Jana P
Human Resources Generalist II

"The BizNet family always wants the best for everyone and that’s something that can’t be understated. If you’re someone who is helpful, flexible and gets excited by change, you’ll thrive here."

Eric R
Release Manager/General Operations

"One of the many great things about BizNet is the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that come from the top down. Try something new and if for any reason it doesn’t work, learn from it and move forward."

Brian N
Director of Customer Experience and Operations

"“This is the first company I’ve worked for that truly cares about their employees and actively solicits ideas and programs to improve employee satisfaction. And, the working environment allows employees a great opportunity to cross-train and learn about other areas of the company.”"

Susan R
Customer Care Manager