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BizTraining helps empower your learning and improve your skills with hands-on education. Our trainers guide you through the courses that help you get the most out of the BizInsight.

BizInsight 101

BizInsight combines the use of functions and analysis sets to build reports that will retrieve your accounting system data. Once the data is retrieved into Excel, you can use all of Excel’s capabilities to create a report that meets your business needs. BizInsight also allows you to create summary level reports and drill down to see either the balances detail or transaction level detail for the information selected.

This course will cover introductory concepts, as well as detailed concepts on how to use BizInsight functions, lists and more in order to build reports that link to the data from your ERP.

*This course is conveniently offered via on demand video and includes a step by step workbook to be used as an additional training aide.

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BizInsight 101  ::  Course Outline

  • Introduction and overview of BizInsight product
  • Introduction to the 101 training workbook and session learning objectives
  • Overview of product sections: the ribbon, the navigation pane and the report body
  • Detailed explanation of the BizInsight add-in and ribbon buttons
  • BizInsight navigation pane breakdown with discussion of each section and references to ERP specific views of the navigation tree, available functions and analysis sets which are unique to each ERP
  • General explanation of Functions and Analysis Set Lists; what they are and when to use which
  • Discussion of the Report Parameter box and the Function Argument (parameter) box
  • Example exercises for Analysis Set List demonstration for parameter selection
  • Example exercise for Function report building demonstration
  • Example exercise building a sample trended Income Statement using MTD, YTD, and Prior Year functions along with Excel formulas for variance analysis and checksums to validate totals and report completeness
  • Example exercise to demonstrate drilldown capability and the difference between MTD and YTD data
  • Example exercise to demonstrate list refresh, versus BizNet refresh and Excel refresh
  • Example exercise to demonstrate Excel sums, simple range sums, list of 2 accounts sum, lists of 3 or more accounts sum, wildcard sum and named ranges sum
  • Saving sample helpful Excel formulas to the navigation pane
  • Session review, misc. best reporting practices and suggested next steps on learning roadmap

BizInsight 102

The intermediate course builds upon the concepts learned in the introductory class. These concepts will be utilized to create a dynamic Trial Balance and Income Statement reports from start to finish. Using BizInsight functions you will practice working with different parameters and utilize analysis sets to demonstrate ad hoc reporting.

*This course is conveniently offered via on demand video and includes a step by step workbook to be used as an additional training aide.

^View Course Outline

BizInsight 102  ::  Course Outline

  • Introduction and overview of BizInsight product
  • Brief review of first session concepts, 102 training workbook overview and session learning objectives
  • Revisit analysis set lists by pulling over Company Info, Segments, etc. and then make Named Ranges and Data Validation Lists for reporting segmentation
    • Adding segment information like department or location to reports with label description
    • Review of how to create named ranges to use in validation lists
  • Create a quick trended segmented income statement using data validation lists
  • Reviews/demo “Helpful Excel Formulas” and add a couple to navigation pane
    • Date Title formulas
    • Zero Row Suppression
    • Divide by Zero error
    • Others
  • Discuss lists, refresh, making lists preserve column/sort/filter layout and automatically fill down
  • Example exercise to introduce the power of combining lists and functions by building a dynamic Trial Balance. Add YTD Beg Bal, MTDDB, MTDCR, MTDNET, YTD End Bal and Unposted functions (for those who have them) along with zero row suppression
  • Exercise to pull over a transaction data list – make it dynamic, change Data Range Properties


BizBroadcast allows a user to easily distribute data driven reports to end users in a variety of different formats including PDF, XLSXVALUES, XLSX, HTML and many others. BizBroadcast lets a user define distribution parameters and easily send out a report to either a path or an email address. BizBroadcast also contains scheduler capability which can run a report at a specific time, whether it is hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. This allows less maintenance on a user and the ability to send out updated reports on a scheduled basis.

*This course is conveniently offered via on demand video and includes a step by step workbook to be used as an additional training aide.

^View Course Outline

BizBroadcast  ::  Course Outline

  • Preserve Excel Functions – Remove BizInsight Functions
  • Adding parameters for report distribution
  • Departmental Report Distribution – Multiple Tabs Per Workbook Review Potential Issues in Passing Parameters and applying Row Suppression
  • Distribute Multiple Financial Reports- Selective By Each Recipient
  • Custom Distribution Lists; Recipients Receive “Live” Reports with Access Only to Their Responsibility Areas
  • More Customization For Distribution; Hiding / Deleting Sheets / Password
  • Multi Report Distributions; Review Differences Between Static & Dynamic Rendering
  • Report Workbook; Review a Report Package – Techniques and Issues
  • Merging PDF Documents; Add a Cover Page and Written Analysis to the Reporting Package
  • Tabbed Parameters & Virtual Rollups
  • Conditional Distribution
  • Report Scheduling

Open Discussion Q&A Sessions:

The Open Discussion Q&A are offered via a live webinar. Open Discussion Q&A are designed to answer questions, troubleshoot individual challenges or review any of the BizNet concepts introduced during training. Available to BizNet customers who have purchased BizNet's Standard, Premium or Premium Plus Subscription training.

*Registration is required.

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