As a BizNet Partner, we will provide you with every competitive advantage necessary to help you achieve your desired goals. You’ll benefit from a superior product, a company committed to partner success, and a flexible program that fits into your company’s strategy for selling add-on solutions.

Why Partner With Biznet?

Fast Implementations ensure an ROI for clients and good bottom line results for you

Technology Experts provide solutions built on solid industry leading technologies that have been designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes cost-effectively

Extends the Enterprise with robust reporting and analytics allows companies to leverage their current investments in their ERP systems, deferring or avoiding costly upgrades

Focused Commitment ensures the product is continually enhanced to meet customer and market demands

Competitive Differentiator provides our partners unparallel functionality at a fraction of the cost of most other reporting and analytical solutions with like capabilities

Incremental Revenue Opportunities to installed base

Immediate User Adoption since BizInsight provides a familiar user interface – Excel

No Source Code Modifications ensures a risk free implementation

No Dedicated Resources Required for sales or consulting as product can be installed and supported remotely by Partner or BizNet (at no additional cost).

Priced Competitively fitting into most existing budgets

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