Are you a Customer, Reseller, or Software Vendor looking to replace FRx?

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If you are going to make an investment to replace FRx shouldn’t you get more than just a replacement? Shouldn’t you get an upgrade? BizNet has the answer.

BizNet’s Excel Business Information Suite is the next generation reporting and analytics solution and was designed with the assistance of FRx professionals. BizNet conducted surveys with FRx customers, consultants and support personnel to make sure the BizNet solution could answer the top concerns in the market place:

Can it do the things I like best about FRx?

Can it do the things I wish FRx could do?

Can it help me with business issues beyond FRx?

Take a look at the feature comparison list below and see why FRx Users, resellers, and top software vendors are making the move to BizNet.

Top FRx Features

Designed for Financial Reporting by Accountants for Accountants x x
Pre Integrated x x
Reusable Reporting Tables x x
Automated Report Distribution x x
Distribute Reports with Drill Down x x
Account Ranges & Wildcards x x
Consolidations x x
Row Modifiers (Ability to Change Value at Row/Column Intersection) x x
Reporting Trees (Virtual Rollups) x x

Top Requested FRx Enhancements

Excel Interface x
Goes Beyond Ledger x
Graphing/Charting x
End Users Can Refresh Information x
Easy Formatting x
Handles Complex Calculations x
High Performance x
Easy to Learn x

Features Beyond FRx

Dynamically Created Business Intelligence x
Drag-and-Drop Reporting x
Real-Time Data x
WYSIWYG Reporting [What You See Is What You Get] x
Deliver Entire Workbooks or Specific Worksheets to One or Many Recipients x
Leverage Existing Spreadsheets x
Alerting and Conditional Delivery of Reports x
Automated Delivery of Any Type of Report x
Ability to Add Pre-Built Content, Data Connections, and Analysis x